Here is Chibi Fanart for Mephistopheles from Webtoon Comic “Soul Cartel”. One of my favorite webtoon comicc ❤

I love his carefree personality and his intimidating aura xD

Always doing whatever he wants without thinking cause he’s to strong xD

Kotori Minami


Kotori Minami from Love Live School Idol Project ❤

She’s my favorite char in Muse >___<

She’s so cuteee

HunterxHunter Chibi Project


HunterxHunter Chibi Project (2015)

I made this at 2015 😀

Killua Zoldyck. Gon Freecs. Kurapika. Leorio Paladiknight.

And for information, i made a new set of HunterxHunter chibi project again this year (2016) including the 4 above and Bisky Krueger, Hisoka, and Allluka Zoldyck. Stay tune!