Here is Chibi Fanart for Mephistopheles from Webtoon Comic “Soul Cartel”. One of my favorite webtoon comicc ❤

I love his carefree personality and his intimidating aura xD

Always doing whatever he wants without thinking cause he’s to strong xD

HunterxHunter Chibi Project


HunterxHunter Chibi Project (2015)

I made this at 2015 😀

Killua Zoldyck. Gon Freecs. Kurapika. Leorio Paladiknight.

And for information, i made a new set of HunterxHunter chibi project again this year (2016) including the 4 above and Bisky Krueger, Hisoka, and Allluka Zoldyck. Stay tune!