Here is Chibi Fanart for Mephistopheles from Webtoon Comic “Soul Cartel”. One of my favorite webtoon comicc ❤

I love his carefree personality and his intimidating aura xD

Always doing whatever he wants without thinking cause he’s to strong xD

KilluGon and Chocorobots

hxh val day killuxgon

okayyy.. i can’t think any title for this piece O__O this should be for valentine but i can’t make it on time TT___TT and there are kurapika and leorio too, but i haven’t done make it #lol

wip :

Surprise Killua

killuaso that’s a very very cute Killuaa :3

i’m so sad that Hunter x Hunter now is already end at episode 148 TT____TT

i’ll miss Killuaa >__< i’ll wait till the next season come :’)

even if it will take for another years :’)