Here is the profile for my Original Character :

Harada Miu

Age : 12 y.o
Race : Wizard (she can control time with her clock necklace)
Personality : friendly, cheerful, sweet, fun. Scared of heights so she can’t fly too high.

She loves magic so much and she want to be a great wizard.


Momo is my pottermore OC from Hufflepuff Room
Momo-chan loves to sleep and she loves cat too~!
She usually sleeps at the library
And her pet is a cat because she likes cat


Age : 12 y.o.

Hair Colour : Orange to brown


Age : 12 y.o.
Race : Human
Personality : sweet, cheerful, like to explore
She lives in a Dreamland, Wonderland


Race : Human

Tachibana Yukari

Age : 16 y.o.
Likes : flowers (especially sakura), pink, books, sweets, singing, her friends, and her only brother.
Dislike : insect, everything evil.